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The Headache Epidemic

Over the past few decades, chronic migraine headaches have increased dramatically (up ~60%) among the population in the United States. Most of this increase has occurred among adults younger than 45 years of age, and women are slightly more affected than men.One study showed that 80% of women and 70% of men reporting chronic migraine [..]

Different Doctors and Different Approaches to Care

Whiplash injuries are a major public health problem. Not only do they cause significant pain and time off from work and leisure activities, there is also a general effect on quality of life. A study in the European Spine Journal compared female patients with whiplash of the neck to patients with low back pain and [..]

Walking For A Healthy Back?

Scientists who have studied the architecture of the spine have concluded it is meant for walking. That may come as a surprise since we humans do very little walking these days. Our lives, over thousands and millions of years have gone from a day filled with walking and searching for food, to one that is [..]

Get Moving?

Fibromyalgia affects 1-3% of the U.S. population. Approximately the same percentage of the population is affected by chronic fatigue syndrome, which is a closely related disease. Up to 18 million adults in any given year report these symptoms, making them a substantial public health problem. Women seem to be more affected than men.There is typically [..]

What Are Your Options?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has hand and wrist symptoms that range from tingling and numbness, to pain. Some occupations see more of this disease than others. People who use vibratory hand tools and those who engage in repetitive flexion motions of the wrist seem to be at greatest risk. Computer workers and typists can also develop [..]

"My Accident Was 2 Years Ago... Could that Cause My Neck Pain Today?"

The short answer is yes. But let's look at how the neck is injured in whiplash and why a trauma from years earlier can produce symptoms today.Even in more moderate motor vehicle collisions with substantial car damage, symptoms rarely come on the day of the injury. When symptoms do occur immediately, this is a sign [..]

"Why Don't My Usual Stretches Help My Back Pain?"

Like most health conditions, low back pain is a chronic problem. Patients with low back pain typically suffer off and on for years. Back pain seems to come on when we overexert or do something out of the ordinary, such as moving boxes or when returning to a sport we have not tried since our [..]

"My Head Feels Heavy at the End of the Day - What Can I Do?"

The head is a large and heavy part of a person. In a child, the head can account for ΒΌ of their height. In the adult, the head weighs 10-14 pounds, and this load has to be balanced by the strength of the neck muscles. In normal upright posture, there is a forward curve to [..]

What is Fibromyalgia and What Can Be Done?

Fibromyalgia is a complex disorder. It is complex because different systems of the body are affected, and treatments need to be both comprehensive and specific. Fibromyalgia overlaps with other diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, which shares many of its characteristics. The patient usually has general fatigue, and due to pain, may be impaired in [..]

"What Is The Carpal Tunnel Whiplash Connection?"

Carpal tunnel symptoms typically come on slowly. Day after day we are able to type at the computer with no problem and then one morning a little tingling in the fingers develops. We shake our hands, stretch the fingers, and try to go back to the keyboard. But inevitably the tingling continues and seems to [..]